Bamboo cups

Reusable takeaway Bamboo cups are the new revolutionary solution to the single-use take away cups crisis in the UK that reaches 2. Our Bamboo cup is our answer for a more sustainable future, protecting the environment and habitat.

Bamboo Cup

Our bamboo cups are manufactured with low-energy emissions from some of the fastest growing and most sustainable bamboo fibers. Our travel bamboo cups are lightweight, stylish, with a BPA free resalable leak proof lid, making them the perfect companion for your everyday use.

Our bamboo cups offer one of the best quality coffee drinking experiences. Unlike stainless steel and plastic reusable cups that leave a strange flavor to coffee, our bamboo cups will add no after taste. With ever growing consumption of single use takeaway cups in the UK that reach 2. Government is also considering passing on legislation to completely ban the usage of single-use paper cups by unless better recycling measures are introduced by manufacturers.

It is time to introduce and recommend the use of reusable cups due to its sustainable and economic features. It is however important to understand that even reusable cups must be sustainable from manufacturing process, this means using less and less synthetic materials such as plastic and introducing organic and natural products. Eco-friendly bamboo cups are the perfect all-round solution as reusable cups that are organic and sustainable in all aspects from material to low emission production process.

Bamboo cups are the perfect reusable cups for everyday use. Sourced from naturally sustainable bamboo fibres, the cups are manufactured in a low emission processing, to ensure sustainability is maintained in all stages.

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In short our cups are:. Fully customisable with the highest print quality. Reusable Bamboo cups. Contact us. Why Bamboo Cups Reusable takeaway Bamboo cups are the new revolutionary solution to the single-use take away cups crisis in the UK that reaches 2. Low Energy Our bamboo cups are manufactured with low-energy emissions from some of the fastest growing and most sustainable bamboo fibers.

Better Flavour Our bamboo cups offer one of the best quality coffee drinking experiences.German consumer organization finds high levels of melamine and formaldehyde migration from re-useable bamboo-based cups, condemns misleading labeling advertising them as recyclable and eco-friendly.

On July 23,the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest published an article investigating the concentration of melamine that migrates into drinks from bamboo-based, re-useable cups.

Reusable bamboo cups can release dangerous chemicals into coffee

The organization carried out tests on twelve re-useable bamboo cups. This was repeated seven times for each cup. In three of the other cups, this occurred after the seventh filling. High concentrations of formaldehyde were also measured. The article reminds readers that such bamboo cups cannot be made from bamboo alone and rely on the addition of melamine-formaldehyde resin to serve as a glue to hold the bamboo together. It warns specifically against the use of such cups in microwaves and also criticizes manufacturer claims advertising the recyclability and biodegradability of the cups.

It explains that as the cups are made with melamine, they will neither degrade in the environment nor within industrial composting facilities for many years.

The cups are also not recyclable in traditional material recycling processes. Only waste to energy incineration is an option. Stiftung Warentest July 23, Receive a bi-monthly summary of the latest news and stay up to date with developments in the field. Toggle navigation. Read more Stiftung Warentest July 23, Topics: bamboomelamine.

Bamboo Cup

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bamboo cups

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Balev Bio is a Bulgarian company importing organic foods and bio products. We believe that bio foods are better for us, for society and for the nature. Our mission is to show people a different kind of lifestyle promoting life in harmony with nature. We work only with reputable manufacturers making high quality products, without artificial additives, sweeteners, colorants, or preservatives.

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At the same time, we hold in high regard the good nutritional values and unadulterated taste. Our employees are our company. We try to create a nice work atmosphere where good coordination between the different departments is paramount.

Our employees develop, change and face new challenges. Our employees are the heart of our success. Facebook Who we are Log in 0 Items. Eco Bamboo Cup Pandas ml 9. Eco bamboo ball round Boho 3. Subscribe me!

bamboo cups

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Eco- Friendly High quality bamboo coffee cuptea cup. High quality best selling eco friendly bamboo tea cup from Vietnam.

High quality ml BPA free natural bamboo luxury thermos coffee cup with laser engraved logo. Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party. Natural Reusable bamboo travel mugs bamboo fibre coffee cups with stopper rick husk coffee husk wheat straw mugs. Reusable Biodegradable ml bamboo fiber coffee cup with silicone lid. Hot selling Sets of 4 new bone china Arabic antique espresso coffee cups and bamboo saucers.

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European style color glaze custom logo home decor couples heart shape tray ceramic tea cup sets coffee cup with gold rim. You can also choose the finish of the set of bamboo coffee cups that interests you, such as a natural finish, a solid color or a fun print. At Alibaba. Shipping at Alibaba.

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You can also use the Trade Assurance filter to view the bamboo coffee cups that come protected from payment to delivery.We get through a staggering 8 million disposable coffee cups a day in the UK, the majority of which are not recycled. And our caffeine addiction shows no sign of abating. One way to limit the environmental damage of your takeaway coffee is to bring your own reusable cup.

A lot of chains now, including Pret and Costa, will even give you money off your drink as an incentive. Could they persuade me to cheat on my trusty KeepCup? My primary reason for getting a KeepCup was my concern over the environmental damage. Imagine the impact being wrought by millions of single-use, non-recyclable cups. Why pay extra for empty space in my cup? Its soda lime glass is toughened, but not unbreakable. You can even buy replacements parts, meaning you can repair it rather than buy a whole new one if needed.

The downside of the cork band I went for is that you should wash it up by hand rather than in the dishwasher. That said, you get what you pay for. SAS is a great cause. On first inspection I was wary — but just because my cup was bright blue. The cup fits ml of liquid; perfect for a longer coffee like an americano or a cappuccino. The only drawback for me was the feel of it.

It almost felt a bit papery to drink from. That could just be personal preference though. I have an uncanny knack for trashing headphones, wine glasses and any other delicate objects in my vicinity. The cup itself is made from, you guessed it, a naturally organic and sterile bamboo fibre. However, a word of warning, most bamboo cups contain a melamine resin which contains formaldehyde. Melamine aside, bamboo is an extremely sustainable plant, needs no pesticides, and grows insanely fast in warm climates.

The manufacturing process claims to use minimal energy and CO2. Just make sure to insist on a proper cup else, as many coffee shops now default to disposable cups.

Contests aside, the most important thing is just to get a reusable cup and actually use it. For the planet, and interestingly, for great service. The best and most unexpected side effect of bringing my distinctive cup in each day was that I became an instant regular. For a lot of us, the less talking we have to do pre-coffee, the better. Every morning, tens of millions of coffee drinkers make a steaming cup of joe from coffee pods.

But are these coffee pods bad for the environment? Searching for the best non-dairy milk for coffee can be painful, but we think we've found a winner that doesn't separate or curdle. Discover the biofuel revolution taking place with waste coffee grounds across the country.

Could your caffeine habit do some good in the world? Do you hate the amount of wasted coffee grounds that get thrown out?A consumer group tested a range of cups and found high levels of chemicals released into hot liquids. Reusable bamboo coffee cups designed to replace disposable cardboard and plastic takeaway containers can release harmful chemicals into hot liquids, according to a consumer group.

The mugs are also not recyclable and don't biodegrade for years - meaning they end up in landfill or incinerators. Tests found the glue used to manufacture 'eco-friendly' bamboo mugs is made from formaldehyde and melamine - which leach into hot liquids left in the cups. Respected German consumer group Stiftung Warrentest tested 12 different types of bamboo cup. They said: "Buyers get the impression that they are purchasing a pure natural product.

In fact, the coffee-to-go cups are made of finely ground bamboo fibers. But the powder alone does not make a cup. They said melamine resin, made of melamine and formaldehyde, is used to bind the fibers together into a mug shape and provide a thick plastic surface. The group added: "Our advice: Keep your hands away from bamboo cups.

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From more than half of the cups tested, very large quantities of melamine are converted into the beverage. They went on: "For reusable drinks, use reusable cups made of materials other than bamboo. In itself, melamine resin is not a dangerous substance. Children's dishes are often made of it and are usually safe as long as the plastic is processed properly and certain conditions are met during use.

That includes keeping the resin below 70C. Unfortunately - coffee, tea and other hot drinks placed into takeaway mugs will almost always be much hotter than 70C. The lab put a slightly acidic, hot liquid into a bamboo mug to simulate coffee and kept it hot for two hours. It repeated the experiment seven times per cup and tested the formaledehyde and melamine levels after the third and seventh experiments.

In four of the twelve beakers the lab found very high levels of melamine after the third filling. The American Food and Drug Administration has called these lab conditions 'exaggerated'. Discussing the use of melemine tableware it said: "The only measured migration, in tests, was from some samples three out of 19 commercially available plates and cups into acidic foods, under exaggerated conditions that is, the food was held in the tableware at F for two hours.If you are wondering what bamboo coffee cups are you are not alone.

These little inventions are popping up in shops everywhere.

bamboo cups

They are a great eco friendly choice if you are looking to swap out your throwaway coffee cups and go reusable. These cups are made from bamboo, cornstarch and resin. In this article we will explore how they are made, why they are so good for the environment and why they make the perfect addition to an eco friendly life.

I have recently bought myself a bamboo coffee cup to bring to cafes when I grab my takeaway coffees. It is such a great thing to do if you want to start reducing the amount of waste you are creating in everyday life. These cups are one of the many types of coffee cups that have become available for the eco conscious coffee drinker.

bamboo cups

But how do they turn bamboo into a coffee cup? I did some research to answer this intriguing question. It turns out that bamboo is a great material to make an eco friendly cup from. Bamboo is a sustainable crop, they can be grown without pesticides and grow incredibly fast. Bamboo is a plant product therefore it stores carbon and will biodegrade.

They can be harvested over and over again because as a stem is cut, the plant will grow new stems to replace it. So how do they make it into a coffee cup? Well most companies are mixing it with non-GMO cornstarch and a resin. The lid can be made from the same material or a silicon like the silicone baking mats. Basically the bamboo fibres are mixed with the cornstarch to make a paste, then a resin is added which makes it hard. The resin makes these coffee cups super durable.

That means if you drop it which I tend to do it will probably survive. Bamboo itself is a natural fibre and when returned to the earth will break down.

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